Our Sunrooms

Will make you and your guests more inviting and exciting in your home. Sunrooms adapts well to the style and decor of any home and add value and enjoyment.

We design, build and service sunrooms, solariums and conservatories. We provide top quality sunroom and solarium installations. FixSunrooms Construction specializes in installing and repairing sunrooms and solariums with over 20 years of professional experience. We have a wide selection of Sunrooms, Patio Rooms and Conservatories. You can choose between hundreds of configuration and sizes.


Design any size and shape of sunrooms. Straight or Curved Roof Studio Sunrooms, Cathedral Roof Sunrooms and Conservatories.


Largest choice of structural materials like aluminum, vinyl, and natural wood. Any size and shape, your choice of roof and frame finishes, doors and other additional features.

Repair & Fix

Repair or fix old and leaking solarium. We fix any sunroom manufactures in North America.

We fix 3 major problems with Solariums?

  • Water Condensation
  • Leaking
  • Wrong Installations

What can we do to fix your Sunroom

  • Reglased entire roof, front glass and gable ends
  • New rubber glassing cord on the beams and outter caps
  • Replacing glassing tape, new gaskets, re-seal or re-coulk solarium, new silicone, new flashings
  • Bend on side aluminum
  • We can lift entire sunroom in order to rebuild kneewalls and side walls and floors
  • We can repair any sunroom manufactures in North America

Our examination procedure includes checking the following aspects

  • Every corner
  • Joints
  • Flashings
  • Cross muntins
  • Colking

Recent Projects

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